Back Log on Pictures

Good Morning!  Boy do I have a lot of pictures to go through.  I still need to post Santa pictures from the Purdy Christmas, and we decorated our christmas tree this weekend.  I did not forget to post, just not willing to take the time to go through them all to post them.  Waiting for them to upload on the blog takes the most time.  But I did not want anyone to think I have forgotten.

Yesterday was a long day.  Both Bailey and my brother-in-law Monte had surgery.  Bailey in Salem, and Monte in Portland at OHSU.  Monte has cancer and had his Kidney removed yesterday.  The surgery went well I am told.  Bailey had a lumpectomy.  We will not know results of biopsy for a few days.  This is her first surgery.  The surgery went well, I got her home around 5:30.  Her dad left after that to head east.  He will be in Pendleton for a couple days, then head further east.  He will be back home Friday evening.

First thing Bailey said to me this morning is that she has a new appreciation of what I went through with all my surgeries.  She said she feels like she has a hole in her body.  I reminded her that she does. 🙂  She thought she was going to return to work tomorrow, her dad and I knew different, but she had to learn that herself.  First surgery is always an eye opener.  Because her surgery was on her left breast and she is left-handed, I don’t think she will be back to work on Thursday either.  She is a phlebotomist and has to have good control of her hands and arms.  She already has Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, I am thinking she will be good to go on Monday.

So today I am sticking around home.  Cleaning for a couple of hours and then I think it will be fudge day.  I plan on making one kind of candy or cookie every day this week.  I have decided not to do my traditional baking.  I just can’t contaminate my kitchen with gluten.  But fudge, peanut butter cookies with chocolate chip on top, monster cookies are all gluten-free and I have a couple other new recipes I will try out.

So I am looking forward to a quiet day her with my girl.  Have a great day.


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