Ho, Ho, Ho…Merry Purdy Christmas

Our Purdy Christmas on Sunday, truly marks the beginning of the Christmas season for most of our family.  Uncle Leo’s family hosted this year and did a great job.


Of course, with our family, it’s all about the food.  My gosh, we could feed an army







87Great picture of my family, but look at the guy on the right.  LOL

Not sure Brenda and her family can take a bad picture.  Too cute!


My mom hates getting her picture taken.  So I love this one of her with Jill.

032There is that weird guy again with my sister Karen. 🙂

I took lots of pictures of people with Santa.  I can’t possibly post every one but I will do another post soon of some of the pictures.

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  1. Oohh Konnie i absolutely love all your pictures. After Purdy Xmas is all done i cant wait to see the photos you’ve taken. you are a natural when it comes to a camera. And i know my aunt Diane just loves seeing all these too since she could’t make it. Hope your family have such a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!!
    With love from my house to yours

  2. Thanks Brenda. I really enjoy the Purdy Christmas. I do always miss the ones that can’t be there. Diane and many others. Hopefully some of them will look at the pictures on the blog.

  3. Great pictures Konnie!

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