Scampy Dennis the Menace

The Scamp was at it again.  Remember on Thursday I was making a turkey.  Well in the middle of carving it, messy and time-consuming job, Bailey let Reggie in from the back yard.  She starts laughing loudly.  I look over and find a little muddy fur ball.  IDSC_0010I still don’t know what he got into.  But his head was black, his chest and legs were black, and even though he had a guilty look in his eyes, he was an awfully happy boy.  It smelled a little ashy so I am thinking LL put ashes from the fireplace on the compost and Reggie had a great time digging into it.

Well I did not want him running around getting everything filthy.  So I left the turkey and got the last laugh.  I punished Bailey for her lack of sympathy for me and made her help bathe him.  Reggie really should have been named Scampy or Dennis….after Dennis the Menace.


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