November sky

Wasn’t yesterday beautiful here in Oregon?  Dry, sunny, dry, cold and crisp, dry….. LOL!  I guess you can tell I do not like the rain.  It was beautiful though.  My day started out with a crisp, COLD, but dry walk up the abbey hill with my sister Kris. We missed our walks the last couple weeks, and boy, you could tell.  My legs were dragging before we were done.  We took a few minutes and stopped at the abbey coffee shop for our morning jo.

I then spent a few hours in Salem with Kris, Mom and David.  Picked up a couple Christmas gifts and had lunch with them.  It was a very nice way to spend the day.  I did not watch what I ate but for some reason, did not have “issues” like I would normally have.  Seems no way to make sense, and no way to predict.

Today, I will be working around here.  Bailey is moving back home today.  She and Kara’s roommate moved out and they decided to give up their house in Mt. Angel.  So I will probably help her set up her things.  She is taking the bedroom downstairs which she has never used before.  But I think she made a good choice.  Gives her more privacy and lets face it, I think both of us will do best with more space.  We get along really well but after living on her own for almost a year, our living together is bound to be different now.

Tonight I have my book club.  So looking forward to it.  It has been three or four weeks since I have been there.  One week it was on election night and so I skipped.  Kane and I have a tradition of watching election returns together.  The next week, I had “issues”.  And then last week, it was canceled all together.  So it will be fun catching up with the ladies.  I am going to try to not eat today because I sure would hate to miss it again because of my digestion.

It does appear to be another dry day today.  Although not as sunny, so I am hoping to take the dogs out for a good long walk.  Make that two.  I have to walk them separately, otherwise, the crossing leashes make the walk miserable.  Have a great Tuesday!

Update-Just got a call from Lynda, my book club hostess, and tonight has been canceled 😦  So I will just hope we all reconnect next week.  This changes my day a little.  Since I can eat, and since Bailey is moving back, I will figure out a nice lunch for us, and start a soup or something for dinner.  On book club nights, LL usually eats left overs or cereal. 😦  I know, I am a bad wife.  So since he is unexpectantly having to put up with me this evening, at least I should feed him. 🙂


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