Turkeys and Cows and Tortoises….Oh My

LL certainly has bonded with Yoda.  The Tortoise.  Almost everyday, LL blocks the living room so that Yoda can walk around safely and freely.

Not sure why LL thought feeding Yoda on my clean floor was appropriate the other day.  Yoda usually eats in his cage.

I am amazed how much of a personality a tortoise has.  I am even more amazed how much LL seems to make it his mission to give Yoda a happy life.

Today is Civil War Saturday.  Oregon plays Oregon State.  We are ducks fans in this house.  Kane, Lisa and Brantley are coming for the game, and I think Lisa’s brother who is visiting from Missouri might be here too.  I feel sorry for him if he is a Beaver fan.  Might get ugly. 😦

Not sure what I will be making for the group.  But I do know it will not involve turkey!  Two days of eating nothing but turkey has left me wanting to make Spaghetti, Chili, or something else that originally mooed, not gobbled.  So I best get moving.  Have a great game day!


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  1. We don’t have tortoises here in Sicily…unless someone has it as a pet, but we sure have lots of turkeys and cows, and goats!:)

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