Lovely Thanksgiving

Such a beautiful day we had yesterday for Thanksgiving.  You will notice that there is not too many plates set at the table.  Normally, we have anywhere from 12 to 20 for the holiday.  But with so many going to the other side of their families, and quite a few out-of-town, it was a small group this year.

Kane, Lisa, and Brantley came for a while before dinner.

Which made all of us very happy.

After playing with Brantley for a couple of hours, they left.  So it was just Kris, Steve, Mom, LL, Max, and I for dinner.  With Bailey and Rett arriving just in time for a bite as we were finishing up dinner.  Bailey had to work earlier at the hospital.

You would think this is a picture of LL after dinner.  But frankly, I think I took this of him before we even ate.  So you can imagine how relaxed his was, after he had his fill of Turkey.

Before going home, we played a couple of games of cards.  Mom and Max won. 😦  I must say, I missed the rest of the family but it was a very relaxing day and for that, I am thankful.  It was a little strange for LL, not to have to fight my niece Kara for the chocolate dessert.

But he bucked up and managed without her.


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