R.I.P. Henrietta

Well the chicken disappearing mystery is solved. 😦  By the way…..Henrietta is the one on the right.  RIP.  Yes, Kane found her.  I am not sure what the heck is wrong with LL, Bailey’s and my eye sight.  When Kane went out to work in the yard for his dad, it took him maybe 2 minutes to discover Henrietta.  She was found almost exactly where she is standing in this picture.  Poor Harriet and Hannah probably had to walk around her for 5 days.  Yikes!  She was my oldest and did not lay an egg this year.  But she was also my favorite because she was hen-pecked by the other two, she was by far the dumbest, and friendliest.  So I was protective of her.

Today, Kris is working early so I won’t be meeting her for our walk.  I will still try to get my walk in, here around town.  I do have a lot to do today.  Go to the store, go to mom’s house to help her make the dressing. (stuffing for some).  We use Aunt Rita’s recipe.  Come back home and make cranberry sauce (a new recipe), dessert, but I will wait till tomorrow morning to make the salad.  I also have to take care of some business for Max.  Do his laundry because his washer and dryer need some fixing.  So on and so on.  I am thinking Kane is coming back today to finish chores his dad had for him.

I hope to post tomorrow morning, but in case I don’t……Have a happy Thanksgiving!

P.S.  Yes, Frank and Laura, I got your comment.  It was nice hearing from you and I am glad you made it through the storm too.  Sounds like we might have another coming our way. 😦


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