There She Blows

If you are in Oregon…….How did you fair from this last wind and rain storm?  Luckily, we did ok this time.  Over the last few years, when we have had very wet soil and wind storm, one of us in our neighborhood, mostly us or our next door neighbors lose a tree.  A couple of years ago, while I was in the hospital, we had a freak wind storm in June and our neighbor’s tree went right through our roof and into our kitchen.  The last storm a couple of weeks ago, took down a huge oak, two doors down and fell in three or four different yards.  That same storm, lifted up our glass-topped patio table and shattered the glass all over the place.  So the fact that we seemed to only get a few large branches falling down in our driveway and missing cars……well we lucked out this time.

Kane is coming over today to work around here for his dad.  There are a few chores that would help LL out a lot, and Kane could use the extra money for the holidays.  Great news about Kane.  He has been going to trucking school over the last few months to get his CDL licence.  Last weekend, he past ALL his tests and already had an interview yesterday.  And they called him right back to schedule a second interview.  Sounds promising!!

So today while Kane is here, I am working inside but when he gets his dad’s list done, I want Kane’s help cleaning up an area in the coop that is hard for me to reach.  Speaking of coop.  I am sad to say I have lost Henrietta.  She went missing about a week ago.  We have looked everywhere, short of draining the pool.  She is indeed gone.  And so is our neighbors chickens.  But it is a bit of a mystery.  I am thinking she escaped and is long gone, because if a raccoon, or something got hold of her, wouldn’t there have been feathers all around?  My master coop-keeper Aunt Leone says there would be feathers, so I am happy to think Henrietta is still alive, hopefully adopted by some other strange but loving family. 🙂

Bailey is having trouble with her health again.  Stomach and digestion.  I spent from 1:00-6:30 yesterday taking her to the doctor and then to Salem Hospital for tests.  It appears she may have an obstruction in her intestines.  Oh, why does she have to get this trait from her mom?  Poor thing. 😦


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  1. Konnie we got a new computer and so Im trying to learn a few things. so sorry about Henrietta I’m sure the new keeper won’t be as good as you. we even had the wind. Just 3 hours without electricity. could you let me know if you get this so I can do it again sometime. ll

  2. I got it, and I will mention it when I blog tomorrow. Good to hear from you.

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