Brillo Bowels

How bad can it get…….my bowels I mean.  Oh boy, oh boy, it can get really bad.  But hey, this is what my last couple days look like.

Tuesday started out like a regular day.  Got a little done around here, prayed, read, was looking forward to my book club evening with my new book club girlfriends.  By the way, I enjoy these evenings so much and look forward to it all week.  Anyway, I did not eat anything, my digestion was doing fabulously.  Bailey came in after work and we were having a nice visit.  Then I got a phone call from LL.  A difficult one with some rough news about someone close to us on the Miller side.  Bailey got very upset, I was upset……we took the situation to the only source with some answers….God.  We prayed together.  But after about 20 minutes, it happened.  My bowels rebelled.  Doctor L. told me that not only does food and exercise affect my digestion, but stress does too.  I kind of forgot that until Tuesday afternoon.  It was almost immediate and a good confirmation that some of my health can not be controlled with diet.  After about a half hour into it, I knew I would not be making it to my book club and called Lynda to let her know.  These issues lasted for hours into bed time.

Wednesday, I was able to go for a good walk with my sister.  I did not eat most the day (except without thinking about it, ate some pretzels at my mom’s house) 😦 because I needed to take Max to the doctor at 1:00 and then when I got home, Kane, Lisa, and Brantley was here.  I wanted some play time with Brantley.  So I waited to eat till around 6:00.  Was fine for a while.  But it hit and hit hard.  Hours of misery.

So today I am not doing well.  Not well at all.  Remember the Brillo Pad feeling?  There are times that even when digestion improves and I am no longer running to the bathroom, I am left with wounds.  My ointments help heal these, but sometimes, on really bad occasions, my intestines feel like someone has scrubbed them raw with a brillo pad.  Like a rug burn on the inside.  That is how I feel today. 😦

So what is the plan for today?  Well, I will get myself dressed.  Look in my fridge to see if I have some mild vegetables that can be steamed and see if I have white rice in the cupboard.  Because that is all I will be eating for the next couple days.  If I don’t have those things, I will go to the store.  LL is out-of-town till tomorrow evening, so I don’t feel the need to cook, clean, do anything but listen to my body’s needs.

Tomorrow I will be getting my hair done.  (Badly needed).  Then mom and I will go to store, but again I will be spending tomorrow listening to my body and doing what is needed.  In fact, before LL left this morning, he said “Don’t worry about me at all, I will eat cereal and canned soup, I want you to get back to putting your health first.”  He’s a keeper.  When he says that, he is not just talking about my diet.  With Tuesday as an added confirmation of how stress affects me, he talked to me about meditation, yoga and all the things Doctor L. said I would need to have in my life.  LL is so wise.  (well on this) 🙂  He wants my health to return to my first priority.  Everything else comes after.  Thank you my love for putting me first.


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  1. Easier said than done, trying to remove stress from one’s life, but the tools you mention are good and I hope you find them successful… you have a fabulous support group!

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