To Blog or Not to Blog

I am going to take a few days off from writing.  Actually, take a few days off almost all media.  I need to decide whether to continue my blogging and if so, do I let a couple of readers (although faithful ones) dictate my content, keeping it more of a day-to-day goings on…..Or do I also write about my feelings on subjects that are important to me.  The environment, my faith, my country, my failings.  Must say, the few times I have delved into anything of importance lately, I usually get dinged from readers, known and not known.  controversy makes my stomach turn, but so does being a good little girl and keeping my mouth shut.  Neither way is good for my health or sanity.  So instead of a knee jerk reaction and shutting down this blog, which I almost did the last time I hit a sore spot with some by blogging my true thoughts, I will take the time and figure out what is the point of my blogging.  If there is no longer a point, there is no longer a blog.  If I find some real value to it for MY life or my kids and husband’s…….then I will continue but be more clear if it is a daily diary, or a documenting of my life and thoughts.

What ever I decide, I won’t just disappear.  You will either see which direction I choose by the content, or I will write a closing post if that is the direction I take.  Thanks for reading.

Added later……I have change the settings for comments.  It should be easier for anyone to post, but I will read them and approve them before publishing them.  I do not have a problem of differing opinions, I have a real problem of basic meanness which is what yesterdays post was about.  The couple comments that I woke up to and removed just proved my point of yesterday’s post.

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  1. Konnie, I think blogging should be for what YOU want it to be; when you post, what you post, and why you post. I’m glad I didn’t read any of those nasty comments because I think they have no business commenting if they can’t be nice. Isn’t that what our mothers taught us? 🙂 Sure do hope you continue blogging about your life, your family, your opinions. Kayli

    • I completely agree with you Kayli, i love your blog Konnie and even though we only see each other on a couple of occasions during the year your blog really makes me feel like “yes we are family” and i know you more on a personal level. Konnie you do you and we love you no matter what you decide to say or do. See you at the purdy xmas and hopefully we get the opportunity to see your beautiful grandson there too 🙂

  2. Thank you Brenda. I will see you at Christmas and hopefully Brantley will be there too.

  3. Konnie, I also am glad I did not see the comments that upset you. But I had the impression your blog was for you, an outlet to your feelings and a way to connect with those who enjoy your words, and we readers reaped the benefit of sharing life with you. I think you should do what you want… if writing makes you feel better then pooh to those whose goal in life is negativity. If you continue, I will continue to be a loyal reader, but if you don’t I will miss you but respect your choice. Life is short and hard enough as it is without having to put up with crap!
    And…I love the photography SO much!

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