What a surprise

I Slept in!  I was not up at two, in fact, I slept till 6:00.  I am not totally sure if that really is 6:00 or if my husband already turned the clocks after I went to bed.  Oh well, what a nice surprise.  I slept half the night in the recliner and that helped my back.

On Facebook, many are writing 30 days of Thankfulness.  I am on day 4 and thought I should be writing on here what I am thankful for everyday.  So I have a few days to catch you up on.

Day 1-I am Thankful for my health.  This was posted on the day of my good news from the oncologist, so it was a no-brainer.

Day 2-Thankful for my 3 kids.  They are my three masterpieces and a source of great joy.  They cheer me on in life, give me unconditional love, and are the targets of my unconditional love.

Day 3-Thankful for where I live.  I have a great house, on a nice street, with fabulous neighbors, in a town I hope to always live.  I so love Silverton.

Day 4-This is today’s post and I will just cut and paste what I wrote on Facebook.  Day 4-Today is my Grandma Agnes’s birthday. She passed far too young 36 years ago. So today and everyday I am thankful for the strong women that came before me. My mom, my aunts, my grandmothers……Having these role models of hard work, sharp minds, fierce love is something that is timeless and carries on long after a loved one is gone from this earth. Their influence touches even the generation of lovely ladies after me…..my own girl and nieces. So Thank You God for the matriarchs of my family

On a very sad note.  Yesterday, we here in Silverton lost a hometown girl.  A young lady that went to school with Bailey and was going to college in Corvallis, lost control of her bike and was hit by a car.  I went to school with her step-dad.  She and her parents are very active in our community.  My prayers go out to Carin’s family.

With news like this, I just want to sit and hug my kids all day long and tell them how much they are loved and cherished.


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