Time Change, ugh

When I was younger, especially a young mom, I loved the fall time change.  I would get an extra hour of sleep.  Oh the joy!  I am looking at the time change a bit differently these days.  I am thinking “boy this is not going to be good”.  Even with a lack of sleep, I rarely sleep past 5:00 am and more often than not, lately, I am up sometime in the 3:00 hour.  So it is likely I will be getting up for a few days around 2:00 or so.  I know what you are probably thinking.  “So stay up later so you sleep later”.  Oh you are so cute *I say in a condescending way*.  It does not matter if I go to bed at 8:00 or midnight, I am a human alarm clock and will be awake whether I am exhausted or not.  My sisters can attest to this.  When I vacation with them, I usually get the communal area to sleep in so that when I am up in the middle of the night, I wont bother them.

I actually function pretty well getting up so early, except when I have issues and get no sleep at all.  Then I am ugly.  I will be ugly today, not because of “issues” but because of this darn back pain.  My sympathy goes out to those who have chronic back problems.  LL, Kris, Steve, Aunt Linda, the list goes on and on.  I rarely get a head ache, back ache, etc.  Oh I have a high tolerance of pain, just ask my Cancer surgeon.  I am in pain almost all the time and rarely do I need to take pain medicine for it.  But I think I have a low tolerance for back pain in particular.

So, here I am, planning my UGLY day.  I hope to go to the Oregon Garden’s holiday mall.  My niece Michelle Staab sells Scensy and I want to buy this……

And I hope to buy a couple Christmas gifts while I am shopping.  So I will put my best foot forward, plaster makeup on so I don’t wake the dead, and do my best to attend.



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