Three is a lovely number

Brantley came over last night for his first Halloween.  With the help of Kane and Lisa.  LL rushed home as soon as he could so that he did not miss our grandson.

As you can see, he was a skeleton.  And a very cute one at that.

I have great news!  This morning I had an early appointment with my new oncologist.  My anniversary was last week on the 26th but I got the results from my tests today.  So it is official.  I hit my 3rd year anniversary in remission.!!!  Which is the biggy for this cancer.  So I am very happy today.

This week, I have been watching a lot of t.v.  When a huge natural disaster happens in the world and especially in our country, I don’t blog much that week.  Because #1. I am busy watching and praying.  #2. I have nothing to say because I am overwhelmed.  But today’s news about my appointment was too important not to share.

I have not only watched t.v.  One day this week, I taught my daughter Bailey how to drive a manual car.  She purchased a new car without knowing how to drive it. LOL  She did really well, and I must say, I think if it wasn’t for my “issues”, I could get a job teaching people how to drive a manual. 🙂  Yesterday, Kris and I helped mom make her yummy popcorn balls.  Mom gives these out to family and is a tradition.

Today, I have banking to do for Max, and a couple of business calls to do for him also.  Then I get to have an early dinner with two of my best friends, Becky and Pam.  I had to clean myself out to make it to my doctor appointment this morning, and I won’t eat today until I go have dinner because I don’t want to cancel on them.  So I will probably embarrass myself by how much I am likely to eat at dinner. 😦  I hope you all have been having a great week and had a happy halloween.




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  1. Congratulations on making it to #3! (and your grandson is so cute!!) Hugs, Kayli

  2. Congratulations great news! Such a cute little skeleton you have there lol

  3. What FANTASTIC news! I’m standing and cheering. Your day is made! And if that isn’t the cutest little guy around… such a doll.

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