I am on a roll

Ahhhh…..My kitchen smells heavenly.  If it was summer, my kitchen would be full of flies.  Because the smell I am in love with at the moment is my crock pot full of Cabbage Rolls. 🙂

This morning, LL took off early with his salsa and chips.  He and a friend were on their way to tailgate and go to the Oregon vs Colorado game in Eugene.  LL loves doing this every year with his friend.

I went to Mom’s house to make cabbage rolls.  Kris showed up in time to help for a little bit and Karen showed up in time to help with the clean up.

I think we made 6 casserole dishes and three crock pots full.  Nothing says fall and comfort food like cabbage rolls.  So when LL gets home, wet and freezing from the game, he will think I am the most fabulous woman in the world!  Well for an hour or so while he is eating the cabbage rolls along with some french bread.

If you have never made them, they are easy, just time-consuming.  I would put the recipe on here, but it is one of those that changes depending on quality of ingredients so you just taste as you go.  Now I am just sitting here salivating.  Have not eaten today and will not eat till the rolls are done.  They take a long time. 😦  But worth it.

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