Confused or Brilliant

Bailey took this picture of Reggie the other night.  She said he must be confused.  I think he is very smart.  He knows where his bed is but also knows when he goes in……he often gets locked up.

Bailey also took this photo of Yoda and I several days ago.

Had a chance to get a couple of kittens yesterday at my aunt’s house.  I resisted.

Today, so far so good with my digestion.  So I am going to rush around and get as much done as I can here before I get too hungry and eat.  Because then all bets are off on getting anything done afterward.  Although I have no where I need to go today, if my body lets me and only after I get the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen cleaned.  Along with mopping all the floors, I hope to take Reggie and camera for a walk.  It is sunny at the moment and the weather looks like rain for the next week.  Got to enjoy a sunny fall day anytime you can.

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