Good News, Bad News, Great News

The police found Bailey’s car yesterday afternoon.  That’s the good news.  The bad news was that the inside was already stripped. Wiring pulled out, dash broke and torn out, and vandalized beyond repair.  The great news is that the police found the car while the thieves were removing her wheels.  The bad guys were arrested!

I stopped by the towing yard on my way to book club.  The place was closing down, but I had enough time to remove most of Bailey’s junk that was left.  Nothing worth much.  LL is taking a couple of hours off this morning from work, so he can go to the towing yard, see the car, have the trunk popped and remove anything left in there.  Then it will be sold for the metal.

I need to get going so I can walk with my sis Kris.  After that, I hope to go to my aunt’s house to pick up some pumpkins with my mom.  Hope to write a longer post later today.


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