Purdy Optimistic

Over the last few days, I had the privilege to be able to visit with my two cousins I mentioned in a previous post.  Purdy (my maternal family name) women are a resilient bunch of gals.  I won’t use names, family know who they are, anyone else it does not matter anyway.  But I met with one on Saturday.  She has cancer and although it is in a totally different location, the speediness and treatment’s fall in line a bit like mine.  Although the chemotherapy used will be different.  I met with the other cousin this morning.  Again, sad to say cancer. 😦 Hers is in a similar location as mine, but the treatment is different.

I came away so optimistic for both these young ladies.  And young is what they are.  Both younger than I was when diagnosed.  Overwhelmed, yes for both of them.  I was the same way.  But pragmatic, and in general, strong and in good health….they both are, like I was.  And I am happy to say that for both of them, I don’t think they will have the life-long debilitating aftermath from surgeries and treatments that I have to deal with on a daily basis.  For that I feel some of my prayers are already being granted.

One thing that I do find is a commonality between us three and I think is a healthy aspect of cancer.  The anger.  Fear is always sprinkled in with it.  But when you have children and you have tried to do things right in life, sometimes it just makes you angry at God and life in general that you have to deal with this at such a young age.  I had and still have that at times.  But when you are a strong Purdy woman, you take that anger and channel it into determination.  Kind of like, “Cancer? oh that’s what I have…..Well I’ll show you!  Bring it on.”  Now I have lost family to cancer so I am not saying it is  in any way positive, and always the outcome uncertain.  But no matter the outcome, the attitude while dealing with it is everything!

So now that I have talked to both, I will continue my prayers, call occasionally, and be available whenever needed.  I know both have a rough road ahead, but I am so optimistic because I know shrinking violets, they are not.


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