Stupid Grubby Thieves

I am so spitting mad that I probably should not be writing at the moment.

Last night, Bailey got off school a little after nine, went to Rett’s apartment, he was going to work at 11:00.  She asked if she could stay there because she was tired.  When he left for work, her car was there, but when she got up to go to work, her car was stolen.

This girl works hard at Silverton Hospital, studies hard for her classes at Chemeketa, pays rent, bills, and is a responsible young lady, and some low-life decided to break in and hot-wire her car.  It is a Honda, which is a sought after model for thieves.  It was older so only liability insured.  To make matters worse, she had $400.00 worth of text books for her classes in the car.

I am so angry right now.  She works hard to pay her own way and be responsible.  I am so proud of her!  And some @#$%! decides to swipe out her way of getting to work, to school, a car SHE paid for and worked hard to EARN!

I told you I was mad.

Until she can figure out how to buy a new car, (with her dad’s and my help this time).  I will let her have my car with the exception of Tuesday.  I have an appointment for Reggie at vets in Woodburn and my book club.  But maybe I can borrow my mom’s car that day.

So Freaking Angry!!!!!


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  1. Right with you, girl… out at the farm we have had trouble a few times. The entitlement of some people! If it’s there, they have a right to it. No concept of working for something, earning something…. I’d be spitting, too.

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