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On the radio the other day, I listened to an interview from a director of a new documentary.  His name is Kevin Miller and his movie is Hell Bound I love documentaries that make me think long and hard about my beliefs.  Not necessarily try to change my beliefs, but make me examine why I believe a certain way.  I think this is such a movie.  It takes a look at hell.  Compares the traditionalist view with the universalist view.  I hope this movie comes somewhere local.  If it does, I will let you know, if not, when it comes out on DVD, I will watch it and tell you what I think.

The new season of shows on t.v. are starting up.  I was hoping to find a new one to love and review/recommend to you.  But no such luck…..well, maybe one.  I did watched Nashville which is getting rave reviews.  Not so much love for me.  I will watch a couple more episodes to see if I was just in a mood when watching the premiere, but I am a little tired of the rivalry of the newcomer vs. the tired older star, scenario.  It has been done so many times that I really have no patience for a show that just recycles the same Ole, same old.  There is one show that I have been watching and enjoying.  It is Revolution.   I missed the first two episodes, but LL watched them and liked the show, so I have now watched maybe three of them and find this series something new, and interesting.  Kind of a combo of Mad Max/Lost.

Now, for a bit of strange review.  I love the store World Market.  Some items can be spendy.  Some things are very affordable.  But almost everything is interesting.  The furniture, art, gadgets, food, wine, pottery, etc.  It is a great place to go, just to browse around.  But I will guarantee you that you will be purchasing something from the store.  Kris and I had fun looking around there last Saturday.  I think I will be doing much of my Christmas Stocking Stuffers shopping there this year.  Saw lots of idea’s for Bailey and Lisa there.


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