Politics, Religion, Split

This is a documentary I really want to see.  Split http://www.splitdoc.com/index.html.  I don’t talk about politics and social issues much on this blog.  Here is a reminder of my point of view.

I used to love talking politics.  Arguing, getting in the last word, etc.  Not so anymore.  When hearing or reading someones opinion that differs from mine.  I usually will just move on.  Unless it has crazy talk that brings in lies peppered with racism, misogynistic, etc.  I won’t let those issues slide. 🙂  But after my cancer battle, I find I don’t really give a hoot about someone else’s opinion on politics, religion, social issues.  Life IS too short to be in constant turmoil over whether you have a D or R in front of your name.  Or if you go to the right church, or any church.

I find the hatred from the extreme left and right disgusting.  Oh the issues are important and the divides very real.  But the demonizing of the “other” has left me very apathetic about politics and religion in general.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have my opinions and make no apology for them.  I am a left leaning moderate.  I am conservative on some social issues, and liberal on other social issues.  I believe in having the most free country as possible, but believe our government should have oversight when it come to health and safety for the citizens.  I am a Christian, but believe that my Christianity should not be put into question depending on what political party I belong to.

So when I heard about this documentary, which by many accounts seems to have a fair balance of participants.  Far lefts, far rights, fair lefts, and fair rights, and a good splash of moderates, all talking about their opinion on not so much the issues, but on the divide itself.  Well I am all about that.  So I hope to have the opportunity to see this documentary.  Check out the trailer yourself.


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