Ahhh much better

This is Brantley, Reggie and I last week.  Brantley and Reggie seemed to get along well, except Reggie kept trying to steal Brantley’s toys.

I need to go to Salem to pick LL up at work this afternoon.  I hope to stop by Kane and Lisa’s before.  If I go too many days without seeing Brantley, he changes so much and is doing something new.  What a sweetie he is.

Today was Reggie’s first visit to Rover’s Makeover.  The first two pictures are ones that Vicky took for a before and after. 🙂

Pretty scruffy looking

Ta Da!  He is so clean and soft.

When I got home, I took some pictures.  But the only way I find I can get one of Reggie, is to tether him. 😦

Oh my gosh, isn’t he cute?!

Even Rufus was excited to see Reggie in his new hair do.  They actually ran around and wrestled like Rufus used to do with Beau.  Then Rufus just looked at Reggie with what I can only describe as a combo of envy and sympathy.





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  1. Awwww…what a sweet photos:) have a beautiful day.

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