Sunday Bust, Monday Bustle

Sunday ended up a total bust for me.  LL got a lot done. 🙂  But I got up early as usual, ate breakfast, then off to the races I went.  “Issues” I mean. 😦  All DAY.  In fact, by about 12:00, I knew the day was bad and I was not going anywhere, so I put my most comfy flannel pajama bottoms on and did nothing but stay close to the bathroom all day.  I should have read my book club book, but I did not even feel like concentrating on that.

I feel so much better today.  In fact, I got up, walked with Kris, (we did not get too wet).  Came home, showered, took Max to get his stitches out, got the weeks grocery shopping done and now I am home, determined to get the sty of a house cleaned up and get some book club reading done.

We had a lot of the book to read this week and I have yet to read any of it, so any sit down time today and tomorrow will also be reading time.  Besides my book club tomorrow night.  I hope to go to weight watchers tonight.  LL works late tonight.  He is gone for Tuesday and Wednesday.  So I need to figure out where Max will be while I am at my book club.  Wednesday, expect some Reggie pictures, because he gets groomed that morning.

Have a great day.

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