No Relaxing Here

A busy couple days it has been.  Thursday was not fun.  Well it was sort of good because Kane and Lisa brought Brantley over around 1:30 and stayed till about 8:00 in the evening.  But in the morning I started having one of the worse bouts of my “issues” that did not let up until Friday morning.  And because I could not eat wanting to attend the funeral, I was weak and had a bit of vertigo.  I thought maybe I was poisoned or coming down with something, but LL reminded me that when I have issues that bad, my whole system, electrolytes, dehydration, etc. probably was the cause.

I did make it to the funeral, and then LL and I had a very nice dinner for our anniversary.  Stopped by for a few minutes to see Brantley at Kane’s home, and back to our house and I was asleep by 8:00.

This morning, LL and I, along with Rufus and Reggie, went to close up the camp site.  Nothing and I do mean NOTHING goes as planned for us.  Marlin our motor home decided to have a starter problem.  After LL figured out that it would not be possible to drive it home, we did everything else we could to close up camp.  We left the motor home there and will be back in a week or so to bring it home.  After LL gets the parts.

Shortly after coming home, I went and picked up Kris and we visited Kathy, my sister.  Oh what a lovely visit we had with her.  We then went and shopped at World Market, went to Mom’s and visited, and then back home I came to find the biggest tank I have ever seen in my life.  In it was Yoda the tortoise.  Rett and Bailey delivered it while I was gone.

LL and Bailey are still gone looking at old pick-ups.  LL found one in Amity he wanted to look at.  This week, he sold the white pick-up, bought a small, low gas user car, so he can drive it to work every day.  But because of hauling things and camping, we still want a pickup to have on hand.  Just an old, dependable one that LL knows how to work on if needed.

So it looks like I need to take a picture of LL’s new car, new pick-up, and a tortoise.  Just so you all have a completed update on the goings on. LOL

This evening, when LL gets back, I have some yummy home-grown tomatoes he needs to make into salsa.  Maybe we will take it over to Kris’s house because Kris and Steve love his salsa.

Sunday, I hope we spend around here.  LL has some winterizing to take care of.  Next week he will be traveling a bit and I will want these things done.  I think his traveling will be increasing from now on and I like things working well around the house.  You know, plumbing, heat, pipes wrapped, gutters cleaned. etc.


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