Reggie Update

LL and I took Rufus and Reggie to the park the other day.  As you know, Rufus is a handsome fellow, but Reggie is a cute little guy too.  Although, I can’t wait till his hair grows a bit around his eyes and the rest of him gets trimmed.  Vicky the groomer will be taking care of that on Wednesday.

I am not sure what they were looking out for, but what ever it was, LL and Reggie would see it coming and going. 🙂

Things are going well with Reggie.  He does indeed seem to be house broken.  But I am taking him out often cuz I just am not totally sure how he would do for a long period of time.  I have been putting him in the kennel when I am gone longer than a few minutes.

He seems to be a smart boy.  The shelter said he was.  His breed is known to be one of the smartest.  I have seen signs of his brilliance…..but either he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, or I need to have his eye sight checked when I take him to the Vet in a couple of weeks.  Why?

Well it all started last weekend when he walked into the pool after we put the tarp on.  Rufus and Beau both did this once.  So I cleaned him up thinking, “well that’s a lesson learned, bet he won’t do that again”.  Then on Monday, while on the remote landline phone with Silverton Hospital, trying to straighten out Max’s ER bill.  And simultaneously on my cell phone with LL, Reggie wanted out to go to the bathroom.  So I let him out while on the phones, walk out a little behind him, and to my horror, he walks right into the pool without hesitation.  Before I could explain to the lady from the hospital and LL on the cell that I had to go because my Brilliant Pup is drowning…..Reggie rescued himself and climbed out of the pool.  He was really shaken up.

He hasn’t done it a third time yet.  But I wouldn’t put it past him. 🙂  LOL!  Besides his obvious issue with the pool, he is doing great.  He loves walks, loves to play with toys and teases and dares people to take the toys away from him because he likes the tug of war.  He also loves to snuggle.  He becomes a rag doll.  Where ever he lands on you, that is where he stays….dead weight.  Reggie seems to really like LL too and I think the feeling is mutual.

I try not to compare him to Beau.  Beau was so spectacular that it would not be fair.  But Reggie’s personality is so different from Beau’s that it is easy not to compare.  But there is one thing I can honestly say Reggie comes up way short when compared to Beau.  When I would get my camera out, Beau would strike a pose.  He loved getting his picture taken.  Reggie is so darn inquisitive, that when I get the camera out, he comes running up and wants to see it, lick it, and figure out if it is some toy he can play with.  Photographing him will be a challenge.

Speaking of photography.  Reggie and I went for a walk yesterday, hard to find pretty landscapes and other things to shoot.  Everything is so dry.  I did find a couple of porches with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations, but the lighting was not good.  We went in the afternoon.  So this morning, after I get a little bit done here, Reggie and I will go for another walk and see if I can get a few decent pictures.


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  1. Sounds like I need to send Sami over to help educate Reggie on “pool safety” I believe Sami is the smartest dog in the world and already figured out the pool thing. Just saying???

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