Why do I ever plan my weekends?

This is Reggie and I last night before things went south.  No, Reggie was fine.  In fact, things are going great.  But around 11:30 last night, while Max was at his house working on one of his creations, he cut himself really bad.  He wrapped it, called and his dad went running to his house and took him immediately to the E.R.  Lots of blood because it went into an artery.  They finally got the bleeding to stop.  Stitched him up, gave him shots and pain medicine.  He has to stay inactive for a few days because of the artery being cut, and he needs to keep his hand elevated.  Oh boy, that will be a trick.  An inactive Max does not happen.

I am starting to think that I should never blog about weekend plans……they never turn out.  So we did not go to campsite to close it.  I canceled Max’s staff for the day and call his work to say he will not be there till Tuesday.

As you can see, Reggie looks miserable with the dang cone on his head.  He is very scruffy looking.  After his surgery area heals and some hair on face and hind end grows out in a couple of weeks, I will take him to Beau’s groomer Vicky and have her work her magic on him.  He will be so cute.  He actually is happier than he looks in this picture.  He is figuring out how to play with his toys while the cone is on.  It is supposed to stay on for 3 to 5 days.  Tomorrow is the third day, so if LL and I think he is healing well, I will remove it.  Then more pictures.

So the rest of the weekend, I will be on Max and Reggie patrol.  Making sure they are both behaving.  I think Reggie will be the easier of the two.  I bought pine shavings today and will go out and completely clean out coop and replace bedding so that it will be easy cleaning for the winter.  Besides that, that is all that is planned for the weekend.  But you never know what will happen, the way my weekends never seem to go as planned.



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