Long Break Over

Wow, where has time gone.  I took an unintentional long break from blogging.  It started because I had a few weeks of lots of “issues” and pain.  Did not feel like blogging during this time because the only thing I had to talk about was how miserable I felt.  Oktoberfest came and went.  That next week, I spent most of my time canning and getting ready for vacation.  Went on vacation for 8 days, and then this week I have been canning my last tomatoes (whole and spaghetti sauce) and looking for a new companion.  No, I am not replacing LL, but with LL gradually traveling more for his job, we decided to get another small dog.

I found my new friend yesterday.  He is at the animal shelter.  I love shelter dogs and always have had good luck with them.  Except for Dudley, but that’s another story.  I wanted a dog, no bigger than Beau was, but preferably smaller.  I was looking for one that would not shed much, (Rufus sheds enough for two), a good temperament, but most of all, one that I might have a connection with, similar to how it was when I met Beau.  So my new little friend is a Lhasa Apso, but I think he might have a touch of terrier in him.  He was a stray when found.  Matted fur, fleas, etc.  So he will look pretty scraggly for a while.  He and I clicked from the very start.  He is scrappy and likes to play, but for some reason, he settled down for me and kind of chose me instead of the other way around.  He is two years old and 15 lbs.

I had to leave him there because today he will be neutered.  Poor boy. 😦  So tomorrow, after Mom and I get back from lots of errands and her doctor appointment, I will head back to Salem and pick him up at 2:00.  I am very excited.

Because he was a stray, the shelter named him Taz, but he does not know that name.  So I will spend a couple of days with him before naming him.  I am leaning towards Reggie.  Named after my beloved Elton John.  His name before changing it was Reginald Kenneth Dwight and his close old friends still call him Reggie.  But after spending a couple of days with the dog, I might find a name that fits him more.

Now that my vacation has come and gone, and I am canning the last batch this evening, my days will be getting back to normal and I will get back to my almost daily blog.  Complete with lots of pictures of Brantley, and my new scraggly dog.  Just to give you a heads up, I have my quarterly tests done next week and will get the results at my doctor’s appointment the following week.  You know how grumpy I get during that week of waiting.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you if I seem surly writing this blog next week. 🙂  But this is the biggy.  No, THE BIGGY!  If all goes well, I will hit my third anniversary in remission.  Officially not cured until 5 years, but for my type of cancer, the third anniversary is a biggy because it most often recurs during the first 3 years.  So keep me in your prayers that I have a great report.

Well I better get going.  I borrowed my mom’s car so that I could pick up my niece Kelli who is visiting from California for a few days.  So Mom is bowling down the road and I will need to pick her up.  Thanks for being patient while I took a long hiatus from blogging.



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  1. I too have taken a break form blogging unintentionally. I’m so happy you found your new buddy. I hooe your tests become back with out bad news

  2. Brenda Williams

    Oh Konnie, missed you blogging. We pray for nothing but good results in your health and excited to see the upcoming blogs and photos of your new journey with the pup! You and your family take care. Lots of love sent your way

  3. Glad you’re back, Konnie! I miss your great spirit when you take a break. I’ve got your back on the prayer/wishes/vibes/anything else that fits front, sending them your way daily. I know you’ll have a good report. And congrats on the pup… can’t wait to see!

  4. Thanks for prayers Lynda. I am sure when I see you on Tuesday, I will have many details of my new little guy.

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