Changing of seasons

Linus was always the wise one of the bunch of Peanuts.  Something is definitely changing in the air.  Still nice days here but that late summer, early fall feel is happening.  Kris and I both felt it on our two walks together on Monday and Wednesday.  On my Tuesday walk I started in Mt. Angel but walked a couple of miles out on a country road.  The dry fields, the bugs and grasshoppers on the surface, even the type of farm equipment driving by me, all indications that the season is changing.

I love all seasons.  Well, not so much the rainy season in Oregon which is half the year, but this time of year is my favorite.  The days are still warm, but the mornings are starting to be colder.  From this point until the end of October or so, I enjoy each changing day.  The foliage, the garden, the apples, pumpkins, kids back to school, Halloween decorations, etc.

So for the next couple months, until the rain fully settles in; my walks will be longer, the crock pot filled more frequently, apples and tomatoes will be the star of most dishes.  Canning and freezing will be the focus of my chores, and just a wonderful feel of contentment.



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  1. We are the opposite here, the sun is coming out more and more and there is a definate feel of spring in the air!

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