I like mornings like this.  Really did not get a very early start.  Normally up around 5:00 or so every morning.  But last night, I was up at 12:30 and had issues until sometime after 3:00.  So LL woke me up after 6:00.  Yesterday was his first day working at his new job.  Today is the first day that he is going out-of-town.  Just for one night and two days.  Central Oregon. So I took him to Salem and dropped him off at the office.  Not sure if we will do this every time he travels.  But even doubling the trips to Salem in the car, it uses less gas than the pick-up.

After taking him to Salem, I drove to Mt. Angel and watered Mom’s flowers, then walked a few miles before heading back to Silverton.  Any time I get this much done before 9:00, I am a happy camper.

This past weekend, LL and I moved furniture around.  Removed t.v. from living room and set up middle bedroom as a t.v. room.  So today I am going to deep clean the living room.  Because of it having less use, I am looking forward to it staying cleaner longer and be more presentable when company drops by.  The reason we did this is that LL has a hard time watching our old t.v. from across the large room.  The new t.v. room is cozier.  We decided that either we needed to do this or buy a larger flat screen t.v. for the living room.  We decided to go the more frugal option. 🙂

After the living room is cleaned, my plan is to do some cooking.  My vegetables are piling up.  Some things will be blanched and frozen, some veggies will be stir fried and will eat for the rest of the week.  Not to mention the huge salad I will make.

I guess the next two days are really just puttering days.  Oh just remember something else that needs to be done.

Last night, while LL was still at work, I heard a huge commotion out in the chicken coop.  Max and I got a flashlight and all three chickens were ok, but something upset them and was trying to get in the coop.  So I hope to clean the coop a bit and make sure the doors and fence is truly secure.  Poor things, their feathers were really ruffled.

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