Nothing But Air!

Last Saturday night, my family got together to set up for the Staab picnic taking place the next day.  Notice all the red party cups.  Peach drinks!  Some loaded and some virgins.

Kris was our bartender.  Fresh peaches, lemonade concentrate and for some of us…

The picnic was fun.  Lots of people, lots of good food.  Brendon BBQed tri-tip and oysters.  I kept pretty busy but did quite a bit of visiting too.  Unfortunately my camera was in the house, so out of sight, out of mind. 😦

I am a lucky girl this week.  I get to have my great-niece Lily during the days.  Karen gets her at night.  We kept busy yesterday.  Actually, as soon as she got to my house and ate breakfast, she fell asleep while watching t.v.  Tired girl.  We then shopped for food that she likes and then shopped for some activities.  After lunch, we watered, took care of chickens, and then it was swimming time.

Notice the double tubes.  She figured out that her head stayed out of water better with two tubes.  She just got her ears pierced and did not want them submerged.

She literally jumped off the diving board for two straight hours.  I was tired just watching her.  The rest of the day was baking cookies, dinner, coloring while watching a movie.  I enjoyed her company.  She is a hoot.  And smarter than the average bear.

On Wednesday, I will not only have Lily, but her two cousins, Gaij and Sam will be here too.  Probably a day of park and swimming.  The weather will be cooler but I find that it does not matter for kids.  I am sure they will be swimming no matter what.



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  1. Sounds like a your having a great time!

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