Ahhhhh that’s better

Happy Cooler Day!  The last three days were sizzling.  Thursday my niece Lisa gave me a pedicure and I shopped for a dress to wear the next day.  Most my summer dresses are casual, cool, sundresses.  Not really appropriate for a funeral.

Yesterday I picked Mom up and we went to Woodburn.  We did a few errands and then went to the funeral of a man I really did not know but was loved by my brother Doug’s family.  He was Carolyn and Doug’s brother-in-law.  It was attended by a huge crowd and I could tell by how well he was loved, he was a very good man.  Last evening, LL and I went to our neighborhood block party.  It was fun to meet some neighbors that we never have had the opportunity to meet before.

Luckily today is much cooler, in fact, it is sprinkling right now.  I was able to bake cookies for a funeral here in Silverton, and not worry about heating up my house.  Today is the Silverton Art Fair.  I actually enjoy it more than Homer days when it comes to attractions at the park.  The Art is better (although out of my price range) and usually the music is better.  So LL and I will walk down there in a little while just to see what’s happening.  Hope to take some pictures of art that I like.  This evening we are planning on going to my brother David’s home and set up for the Staab picnic that takes place tomorrow.  Should be a lot of fun.  I doubled the cookies I made this morning so my dessert is done, but I would like to make a really different salad for the picnic.  Any ideas?  The main dish will be yummy.  Not that I have anything to do with it.  Brendon, my nephew is cooking up on the BBQ tri-tip and oysters that my cousin is providing.  The best part of tomorrows picnic is seeing my uncles.  Two of them reminding me of my dad.  In looks and voice.  Bittersweet, but sweet all the same.


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