Half full

Today promises to be a hot one.  LL is feeling better and is going to work.  Hopefully, the pain does not return.  As soon as it gets a little lighter out, I need to get watering done, go walking with Kris, have coffee with my friends and be back here to get things done.

On Monday, LL gave his two weeks notice at work.  So it is really important he doesn’t miss anymore work, as he wants to get a lot done so that the transition will be easier for who ever takes over.  That was the decision we had to make last week.  His new job will change his office from Woodburn to Salem, but the biggest change, the one that took some consideration, is that his new job will require a lot more traveling.

I really wanted LL to make the change but the traveling made me pause a bit.  I have talked about feeling alone or lonely, especially when I have bad episodes with my “issues”.  With Beau’s passing, this has intensified.  After much prayer and talking with each other, we decided the change would be good for both of us.  But this will require me to put a lot of effort into finding ways to not only cope but ways to improve my life while living this restrictive life.  As I have said before, LL sees the glass half full, so I am going to try to see it that way as well.


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