Decisions.  When making important decisions in our life, LL and I have always been a team.  Whether it was a decision for the kids when they were young, or decisions still for Max.  Day to day decisions, I pretty much made, but important things like health, schools, etc.  we made those decisions together and usually we were on the same page.  Same with financial, job, homes, large purchases, etc.  Never have we separated our lives.  We have never had “his money”, “my money”, “your pickup, or my car”.  Although there are times we have both said “Your son, or Your daughter”, usually when the kids were in trouble. 🙂

Our life has evolved somewhat.  We don’t sit down and pay bills together.  I take care of paying household, he takes care of the rest.  But it is with our money from our accounts.  I still make day-to-day decisions for Max, but yesterday was Max’s annual I.S.P. meeting and LL always attends and we make those big decisions together with Max.  It’s a rhythm.  We don’t have to say, “you are in charge of this, I am in charge of that.”  We just know.  And when one of us make a bad decision, it’s nice to know the other is not going to hang it over the other’s head.

LL and I are in the process of making a pretty big decision right now.  One that will bring changes for both of our day-to-day life.  Not ready to be specific on this blog just yet.  But this is when our difference in personalities become more apparent.  LL is more confident and can go with the flow when changes occur.  It would not surprise you that I am not very confident, changes are hard for me.  The glass is half full to LL.  The glass is half empty for me.  Oh I can be pretty positive in my outlook, but I am always mulling over the “what ifs”.  LL is aware of the “what ifs” but is never paralysed or even hesitant to embrace something new and meet it head on.  This is why he has always been a good provider, why he was able to get his degree in his forties while working more than full time.  This why he is good at public speaking and has never met a stranger.  And because I am not confident and don’t like change, I am not good at any of those things.

But because we are different in these ways, I have prevented us with my cautiousness from making some bad decisions, and because of his confidence, our life has been better in almost every way.  So I think we make a good duo.  We are a team.  Respect and humor are our best traits when it comes to our marriage.  I will let you know more details later, just needed to share where my mind is lately.  Have a great day.


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