Fun In The Sun

Sunday was a lovely day.  Hot, but not too hot.

We started out the day babysitting Brantley while Kane and Lisa went out for breakfast.  LL took that opportunity to do what he loves best with babies.  Nap.

The pool was cold and refreshing.  Kris brought salad, dessert, etc. left over from a party she had the day before.  Added to burgers, dogs, salad, chips, etc.  We had plenty of food.  I think about a dozen people hanging around throughout the afternoon.

By the time we wrapped up in the early evening, LL was tired and I had slight “issues”.  But I love weekends where nothing is really planned but no time is wasted because it is spent with family and friends.

Today, I am walking with Kris an hour earlier than usual.  7:00 am.  Kara and Bailey might join us for our walk up the Abbey Hill.  LL is home today.  Well, until his evening group he facilitates up in Clackamas.  So either we are going to work around here, or go fishing.  Doubt the fish will be biting by the time we would get out there, but our favorite part is just hanging out in the boat at the reservoir, so when we catch, the fish is a bonus.  I have weight watchers this evening.      I might have to put a fire under me just to get moving this morning for my walk.  Not that I am tired or had a bad night, the weekend was just so relaxing that my body does not feel like moving.



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