Oh Homer, It’s Sure Hot!

Homer Davenport Days are underway here in Silverton.  LL started the weekend early on Friday.  Looking at Art, listening to music, then walking around downtown for First Friday with Kane, Lisa, and Brantley.  Saturday morning started out sunny and warm for the parade.

Bailey and Brantley watching the parade.

Practically every year for the last 15 years, we watch the parade with our friends, the Thomas’s.  They brought their two sweet dogs.  This is Otis and LL’s hand.  LL thinks he is so funny.

By the time the parade was underway, it was getting hot.  Luckily Michele brought water for Otis and Simon.

So hot, that this guy decided he was done.  He sat down and did not want to get back up……..”Honey, I want one.”

We spent most the afternoon in the pool.  LL, Kane and Lisa cooling off.

Brantley did well in the pool with Lisa.  It was stifling.  I think it got up to 103 degrees here in Silverton.  We all went back to the park for food and music for a little while.  Hardly anyone was at the park.  Too Hot!  Feel bad though.  Saturday afternoon and evening is usually Homer Days busiest time.  My friend Becky and her daughter Krista stopped by.  Krista and Kane have been friends since they were young kids and Krista wanted to meet Lisa and Brantley.

By 10:00 it was still hot.  LL took a dip in the pool before bed.  I should have set up my tripod.  The photo would have been great had I took the time.

As I am writing this, Sunday morning, doors and windows are flung open to try to get the house as cool as possible before it heats up.  Supposed to be around 97 degrees which is a tad cooler than yesterday, but the humidity is supposed to be worse.

I am not sure if we will go down to the park today.  Kane, Lisa, Brantley, Max, Bailey, and Rett will all be here for a BBQ and swimming this afternoon.  So much fun enjoying the weekend with LL and the kids.  Have a blessed Sunday.




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