Still a Hermit and Still Resistant

What a beautiful morning outside my window.  The clouds are supposed to arrive and it will not really warm up.  But I will take the few hours of sun right now.

I am starting to give up on controlling my “issues” with any food restriction.  Even gluten.  Oh I know I can’t eat much gluten, but there are times I just think *what the hell* and eat a regular bun, and have no “issues”.  Then there are times like yesterday, where I had a small amt. of dinner, with foods I know never bothered me before, and yet again, a miserable evening.  Starting to think that my system just goes in waves.  I will have a good week, and then all hell breaks loose and will have a bad week.  Like this week.

I am happy that my issues were finished by bed time and I got a decent amount of sleep.  But with the week I have had, I have open sores and my inside yet again feels like someone took a brillo pad to my colon.  Last Thursday, I went all day on just juices to give my body some relief.  It did help, but it is hard on my system to do that very often.  So I will not eat for the most part today, but at some point have a small salad with chicken on top.

What these bad weeks do to my emotions are the most difficult part.  My memory is short.  When I have a good week or two run of feeling good, energy, and freedom, I start to think *I am getting this all figured out.  I might start to have a life, get a part-time job, be more dependable for my family.*  Then when the bad week or so comes along, my emotions take a dive as my reality comes crashing down.

I guess the name of my blog still really fits me.  Resistant Hermit.  Being an involuntary hermit is not the worse thing in the world.  I have a pretty good life here at home.  It’s the unpredictability that gets me down. 😦


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