A girl has to make do

If you have read my blog for a while, you know I don’t know much.  But at least I know that I don’t know.  And when I say I don’t know much, what I really am saying is that I am not great at very many things.  But I try. 🙂  I know I am good at a few things though.  I think I am a good coop-keeper.  Oh I might have to call Aunt Leone from time to time.  But I have figured out how to keep poultry mites at bay.  This is my third year with my girls and when I got them, they were not spring chickens. 🙂  They are laying consistently.  Are let out regularly, and never seem to go hungry as you can probably tell by looking at their rolly polly bodies.  And they are happy as far as I can tell.  At least I have not heard any complaints.

Today, because my book club evening was canceled, I decided to make LL a dinner I know he will really love.  So I made my spaghetti.  I am good at making spaghetti.  In fact, I have been told I make a fabulous sauce.  But a girl has to sometimes make do.  I am out of Uncle Leo’s ground beef.  His tastes best in my sauce.  His cattle roam around and graze.  And Leo butchers the beef.  So it really is the highest quality.  The second problem with today’s sauce is I ran out of my home canned spaghetti sauce.  Having fresh tomatoes, peppers, onion, canned the same day harvested……well there is no replacement.  I then season it, add olive oil, more fresh onion, garlic and red wine.  So my sauce today is not the same.  I did my best.  But trust me, ….. not the same.

Then there is my cobbler.  I make great cobbler.  Last time I took two 13×9 pans to a party, people where clamoring for it.  I am not exaggerating.  How I made it was combining two different recipes.  My friend Jeanette’s berry mixture, with a topping I got off the internet by Black Butte resort here in Oregon.  Combining the two was no fail.  But I have not eaten anything today and decided I would have some.  Which means gluten-free.  Grrrrr!  I had to change Jeanette’s berry part and completely forgo, the Black Butte topping.  I used the shortcake recipe from the gluten-free Bisquik.  But added a little cinnamon.  It too is not the same.  I took a little nibble.  The problem with most gluten-free mixes is that it has a grainy texture.  A little sandy.  But I think it is still edible and I will let you know what LL thinks.  


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