Sleep would be nice

Oh boy oh boy, and not in a good way. 😦  Not doing too well today.  Not much sleep the night before last, and last night I am lucky if I got a couple of hours sleep.  “Issues”, strange dreams, and wandering mind, all contributed to a very long night.

I got most everything done on my To Do list yesterday.  Today I am meeting a friend for coffee and then going to Mom’s to make a pie.  Not sure if we need to go pick the berries first.  I haven’t made a pie since going gluten-free and I don’t have a speck of flour in my home.  I want it to turn out since I am taking it to my book club meeting tonight.  So the pie master (mom) will be helping me make it at her house.

As I have said many times before, I am not a napper.  But this afternoon, I really hope I can sleep for an hour or so.  If I want to make it tonight and be able to see words on the page, either a nap or copious amounts of caffeine need to happen. Or maybe both.

Tomorrow, I am a lucky girl.  I am picking up Brantley around 7:00 in the morning at Keizer and bring him home to spend the day with me.  His mom is working.  I already borrowed my sister Karen’s playpen.  My one concern is if I have any “issues” tomorrow, I would need someplace I can quickly put Brantley and know he will be safe.  He is starting to roll.  So now that I have the playpen, I am very excited.  Excited because there will be no baby hogs around that I have to share with.  Oh, I am sure Bailey will show up during her lunch or after work, but for the most part, I am on my own with Brantley.  🙂



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