To Do Lists…oh the pressure

Good Morning.  Monday I spent a few hours walking with Kris, helping Kris and David do a few things at Davids house.  Then went home and tackled my fridge and cupboards.  Last week I found a couple expired stuff in cupboard and having to throw them away.  The cupboards are so stuffed and hard to find, that I have also lately bought things and ended up having it already.  Just couldn’t see it.  Going through everything took awhile.  After throwing away opened but not used in a while items, and looking and tossing expired items, my cupboards and fridge are a little bare.  I hate wasting food. 😦

Yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure.  My niece Lisa had an opening and did a great job.  LL, Max and I spent the evening at Kane’s new place.  We babysat Brantley.  Enjoyed seeing the little guy.

Unfortunately, my eating has been atrocious the last couple days.  Eating bad stuff and eating way to much of it.  So I am not feeling well this morning and I am skipping Kris’s and my walk.  Once I am done with “issues” I have a lot on my To Do list.  Water everything outside.  Get Rufus’s nails clipped.  Pick up house.  Go to the bank.  Go to the grocery store.  Do at least a couple of loads of laundry.  Clean chicken nests out.

Everything on the list is really needing to be done today, so I hope I feel better soon.

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