Purdy-Harrahill Picnic

Family!  I make no secret, I love my family.  Oh I have no illusions of having a hearts and flowers, peace and tranquility type family.  NOOOO!  Never confuse us with that type of family.  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.  We are loud, we like to eat, we like to visit.  We are not perfect, but as my niece Kara would say…..we are delightful. 🙂

The food was great but I think the salads were the highlight for me.  Oh I glutened myself.  But I died happy. 🙂  I ate pea salad, asian salad, broccoli salad.  I made my way down to the chicken. (I ate my gluten-free chicken). Kind of feel silly now.  Why worry if your chicken is gluten-free when you have no will power over the other stuff.  But I was not done.  My cousin Maurita, as usual, brought something yummy.  Zucchini patties.

My Aunt Leone, brought her array of wines.  Eight of them.  All different berries and fruit.

Leone also brought her caramel corn.  I would have posted a picture of all the desserts, but after I took the picture, I think three or four more desserts showed up and……well it just was not complete. 😦

I hope I am posting these in order right.  If so, the next is of the kids.  There were more small children at this picnic than I have seen in years.  It was wonderful.


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