It was all about the kids this year

Oh I missed taking so many kid’s pictures.  I hate that.  Grrrr, us big kids, it does not make a difference, but even if no one sees this post, every kiddo deserves their little face to be at least ahhed over by me.  But here is a few.

Three adorable boys.

I don’t think LL wanted to give up this little sweetie.

She has her mommy’s, Grandma’s, and Great-grandmas, gorgeous eyes.

OH, such a cutie.  Cuddled up with Grandma.

A whole bunch of them got in the pool as soon as they could.

There was only one obnoxious kid around the picnic.  Sami wanted to get into everything.  But, as always, she was comical while trying.

Posted on July 16, 2012, in Family, Holidays. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Brenda Williams

    Oh Konnie, like i mentioned at the picnic you looked wonderfu andl it was good to see you! Thank you for taking all these photos. It’s very nice to get to look back on that day and it’s nice that those who couldn’t make it get a chance to see what fun we all had. I’m sure my Aunt Diane will be tickled pink to get to see these. Thank you
    Love Brenda

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