All the rest of us

Like I said up above, the down fall of blogging pictures of family is that you don’t get a shot of everyone, and some of the images captured are not so good.  I have said before on my blog, besides food photos, pictures of people are not my forte…..yet.  But I picked out a few that I liked of most everyone.

Here is the rest of us.  No identification, because if you don’t know this family, it doesn’t make a difference, and if you do know this family… is not needed. 🙂

This is about the time I want to point out one FACT about the Purdy/Harrahill family….  No one wants their picture taken.  No one will pose, or even look and smile.  Oh, I didn’t even try this year.  Except for one person.  One person I did ask, and because he is Bailey’s boyfriend and still may be a little scared of me…..  Well he listened.  And I will point out, for this post, his picture is the best. LOL  You have to get to the last picture.

Smile Rett!  You are a handsome man. 🙂

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