Week end

Happy Friday!  Yesterday, Rufus and I spent time at David’s house cleaning a little.  We then came home and did the same here.  Today will be busy.  David is having surgery on his hand this morning.  So I will pick him up around 8:45 and take him to Salem.  Take him back home and get everything ready to go to Miller’s Crossing.  I hope LL, Max and I can leave as soon as LL gets home from work.

It will be different at the camp site.  The drive there always had me smiling because Beau would cuddle up on my lap, and about 3 miles before we get there, he knew.  He just always knew we were almost there and would get so excited.  While there, I always walked everywhere with Beau.  Kids would come up to pet him.  He just loved camping.

But this is just one more thing to get through.  Actually, I am doing pretty good.  Not as many tears.  Sunday is the annual Purdy picnic.  It starts early in the day.  So we will leave Miller’s Crossing a little earlier than usual.  Get home, unload, take a quick shower, pick up something premade at the store and get there as early as we can.  I hope the weather holds up for it.  Last year it was cool with showers.

Have a great weekend.


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