Rufus, LL and I

Another beautiful morning here.  Yesterday, after Kris and I walked, I was at the hospital while Mom has having some tests done.  She did really well. 🙂  I spent the afternoon at her house.  We watched a good movie. Then Karen came and spent the evening with Mom.

Today I am going to Mt. Angel early.  I want to go to David’s house to help him with a few things.  The Purdy picnic is at his house on Sunday.  LL and I will probably not show up until it starts so I wanted to help David in some way.  A little cleaning might help him.  Especially when he is having surgery on his hand, Friday.

Rufus is starting to eat more.  I am hoping I can take him with me and he can play with David’s dog, Sammie.  I still have not made it through a day without bawling.  Things just trigger it all the sudden.  LL is sadder than I think he thought he would be.  He had his own routines with Beau.  Usually, during coffee time, Beau would sit next to LL and either get his morning scratch, or LL, when he thought I wasn’t looking, would share his toast with Beau.  I think LL thought I was hard of hearing too because I would also hear on most mornings, ” You’re a good little dog”.  Anyway, even though this will take a while, slowly we are finding a new normal.  Rufus, LL and I.


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