Tables Galore

I took these pictures last time we were at Miller’s Crossing.  LL made some more tables.  Two more side tables….

And a huge coffee table.  We used this table when it started raining.  We put up our canopy and had chairs around it.  Big enough to hold beverages and snacks as everyone visited and stayed dry.

I spent a little time trying out a few camera settings and the tripod.

Yesterday was busy.  I went to Mt. Angel to walk with Kris around 7:30.  I think we walked over 5 miles.  I needed that.  We then picked Mom up and picked a few berries at Uncle Leo’s.  Mainly for Kris although I took some home to freeze.  Kris, Mom, David and I, piled into David’s pickup and went to Costco.  So I did not get back home until 1:00 or so.

Rufus and I went out and watered plants, picked up the house a bit, then Bailey stopped by.  She needed to go to the store for Grandma and I needed to go too, so we did that together.  Spent the evening with Max.  Except for my weight watchers meeting.  I was pleasantly surprised by my weigh-in but I keep thinking something’s wrong with their scale. 😦  The weight is coming off slowly, but I think I am about half way or so to my goal. 🙂

Tomorrow, I will be spending most the day with my mom as she is having tests done.  So today I need to fertilize the plants, catch up on laundry, and pretty much work around here.  I will be taking Rufus for a walk to the park, and I have my Book Club tonight.

See……I can get through a whole post without mentioning Beau.  Doink!  I just did.  But I wont erase it.


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