Merry Monday?

I am a morning person, but definitely not a Monday person.  Most weekends I am more social, I have LL around during the weekend and the days are not as long.

This weekend was a bit different.  I was very social, LL was with me all weekend, but it was a rough one.  I knew it would be.  We thought about going to the campsite to play Bingo, but the drive without Beau getting excited sitting on my lap, well I decided not to put myself through that so soon.

I am still not looking forward to this particular Monday, (TODAY).  As you know, I am a routine person and all my weekday routines involved Beau.  Making coffee, watering plants, running errands, etc.  Rufus and Beau had their routines too.  I can’t avoid most my routines.  But for a few days, I will try to take Rufus to the park as much as possible, and also try to take photography walks. Fill my days with a few, not so routine activities.

Today I am planning on going to Mt. Angel to walk with Kris up to the Abbey.  I might pick some berries, I have my Weight Watchers meeting 😦  I ate my way through the pain the last few days.  So Yikes!  Maybe go to the Oregon Gardens.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling.  Still out of sorts, I guess.

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