Changes everywhere I look

Rain again this morning.  Hopefully the last for a while.  We were looking forward to Bingo last Saturday night, but because of rain, it was cancelled.  Hopefully, it will be rescheduled for this next weekend.

Wow, lot of changes going on all around me.  As I said before, Karen moved, Bailey and Kara moved.  My niece on the Miller’s side, Lisa is starting work today at my sister Kris’s salon.  And late Sunday, Kane got back from Missouri.  He flew there late Thursday night, left Friday morning to drive back here and bring Lisa and Brantley home….for good. 🙂

So excited for all three of them.  Kane had Monday off, but was called into work.  I am not sure how he is fairing.  Driving so far in 2 1/2 days and going to work, driving some more.

I am trying to give Lisa and Brantley some time and space before snatching up that boy.  My luck, Kane will bring them over this evening.  I will be gone to my book club.  But I am hoping Kane will think Lisa and Brantley might like to watch the parade in Mt. Angel on Wednesday morning.  So if LL and Bailey get to hold Brantley before me……I will show my maturity and suck it up.

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