Morning has Broken

Mornings.  I love mornings.  I wish mornings would last all day.  I am a morning person.  I am an early riser even when I am dog tired.  Why?  Because I do not want to miss Morning.  LL is not a morning person naturally.  He is up early out of necessity.  Bailey is the same way.  In fact, all three of my children take after their Dad when it comes to being Night Owls.  But I never minded that fact.  I always took advantage of the quiet house in the early hours.  Time for coffee, watch the news, making the kids lunch, setting up Max’s schedule, etc.

Now I have no “To Do” list for the mornings.  Sometimes I make LL’s lunch if there is yummy leftovers, but mostly I do not.  I have no children to prepare the day for.  My mornings can start out leisurely or fast, get things done pace.  I really have no reason to get up early.  I could sleep till 7:00 or even 8:00 and probably still get the same amount of things accomplished.  So why don’t I?

I think I don’t want to miss mornings because it is full of potential.  Early mornings are I time I can sit, mull over what I want to do for the day, maybe even read for an hour before the sun is even up.  Anything and Everything seems possible at 5:00 in the morning.  That time of day I am still a success!  I haven’t eaten gluten, or blown my diet, I haven’t accidentally said something that may have hurt someone’s feelings, I haven’t forgotten to be somewhere…..yet.  Every day should start new, and the early morning is a clean slate.  So for some reason, I want that clean slate to last as long as possible for the day.  So I get up early.

The very best morning of the week for me is Saturday.  Not Sunday?  No, not Sunday.  I love weekends.  I love it now more than I did when I worked full-time.  I love weekends because I am never lonely on the weekends.  I get to spend lots of time with LL and Max.  I usually see Kane and Bailey too.  At some point during the weekend, if we are not camping, LL and I go visit Mom.  There might be an event, or LL and I might go have a drink or appetizer at a local pub.  And of course, you know how I love the camping weekends.  So Saturday Mornings are really the morning for the weekend.  The whole weekend still has potential on Saturday mornings.

I never will understand those who can sleep the mornings away.  I am sure they have no understanding of me either.  And guess what.  My early morning is now over and I must get on with the day.  Make what ever mistakes I might make in-between successes.


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