Stage Right

I have a friend, a virtual friend, although I don’t think that is the right term.  Renee and I have been friends for a few years now.  We are different in some ways.  She is a vegetarian, I am not.  But I am a vegetarian wanna be, but never can commit.  She leans to the right, I to the left although I thing we are both moderates and probably agree more than disagree.  She is spiritual but not a Christian.  I am spiritual and a Christian.  She is a fabulous writer, and I am………well, you know.  Renee is the person who got me into blogging and pinterest.  Yes, blame her.  I love reading her blog, An Unexplored Wilderness.  She, I think has been a writer all her life and has been working on a book.  I believe her day job is as an editor.  This shows what a good friend she is.  She reads my blog with the running sentences, misspellings, grammar errors, and where the hell do you put the commas!  She never criticizes and I know it must be torture.  Anyway.  We do have some things in common.  She loves animals and I do too.  She also has a lot of the same tastes as me because when I see her pins on Pinterest, I usually spend a little extra time looking and a lot of time repinning her pins.  Which brings me to dinner.  That was a leap, wasn’t it?  A few days ago, I saw one of her pins for Grilled Zucchini Roll ups.  I looked further, farther,?? (sorry Renee), and it looked great.  This is how Pinterest works.  Someone posts a picture that takes you to a blog or website.  Others see it and pin, and so on and so on.  So I am going to attempt to link you to the original site right now, but if I fail, click on to the pinterest button on the right of this blog and it will take you to my boards.  Click the healthy eating board, click on Grilled Zucchini Roll ups and then keep clicking on the picture till you get to the actual website.  If you have never been on Pinterest and like it, you have to be invited.  You can request an invite from the site or have a friend invite you.  If you need to, let me know and I will invite you. 🙂  Look Renee!  I wrote this post with only one paragraph.  😮  *She is cringing.*  I know it.  By the way…..I call Renee my virtual friend because we have never met. In fact, I have never heard her voice.  We talk via the computer.  She lives in Florida.  I live in Oregon.  But I think I know Renee pretty well and I suspect she knows me well too.  Or is it good.  No well.  Oh well. 🙂  So I am going to attempt to make the zucchini recipe.  I hope it turns out.  It doesn’t look hard but never underestimate my ability to screw things up.


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