Stage Left

I make no secret or apologies that I adore my LL.  Don’t worry, I am not going to get mushy.  I believe he kind of likes me too.  I think what has made us so happy together is one thing.  We love to make each other laugh.  We laugh together at things, at each other.  We see the humor in the same things.  He is very quick-witted.  Every situation has a potential punch line.  I am more a physical comedy gal.  He gets such pleasure saying something ridiculous and watching me try to keep a straight face so that I do not give him the satisfaction of seeing my delight.  I get pleasure by putting an expression on my face, or dancing, or walking funny.  My reward is LL holding his stomach, bending over and having a great belly laugh.  Frankly, half the time I get this reaction from him, I am not even trying…… 😦  But there is one area that we are nothing alike.  Not even close……..Our taste buds.

I like quality, he likes quantity.  I like a pretty presentation, he would prefer it in a trough.  He likes common, I am adventurous.  I used to cook a lot more.  But because we only have one evening together during the week, and we are either camping or at some event on the weekends,  my cooking days are not happening often.  In fact, lately, when I do make dinner for us, it is usually his type of food.  Burgers, tacos, nachos,…….*big yawn*.  But today I am making Grilled Zucchini Roll Ups.  You know the saying, I never met a (fill in the blank) I didn’t like.  I use to say “I never met a donut I didn’t like”  But sadly I can’t eat donuts anymore.  But it is true when I say “I never met a cheese I didn’t like”.  Mild, melting smooth cheese, sharp, stinky, who’s dirty socks is that cheese.  It does not matter. LOVE.  ❤  It is also true when I say “I have never met an olive I didn’t like.  Mild black, strong green, domestic, foreign, stuffed, pitted, unpitted, it does not matter.  I Loves me some olives.  So when I saw this recipe with grilled zucchini, herb goat cheese and kalamata olives, I was all in.  The thing is, LL will most likely not like this.  He will not complain.  He never has, except maybe once early on in our marriage, but for some reason…….he never made that mistake again. 🙂  He will try it, and I am not telling him it is goat cheese.  But I will make some pasta with alfredo sauce just so I don’t feel too guilty.  See, that is what you do when you adore someone.  O.K. that was a little mushy.


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