Have you seen my mind?

My goodness I have been cold the last couple days.  Remember when I said I thought there was something I was supposed to do this week, but I was too tired to remember.  I really need to write everything down.  I don’t have problems just when I have a lack of sleep.  Every day I seem to either forget something or just feel scattered.  My cancer doctor has said for some people, chemo can cause cognitive loss and after a couple of years off chemo, the damage is considered permanent.  So I guess I am stuck with occasional memory lapse.

Anyway, I drove the pickup  to Mt. Angel, parked in front of my Mom’s.  Did not want to wake her up so I didn’t go inside.  I walked up the Abbey hill and stopped by Kris’s on my way down to water. (Really didn’t need to with how the weather was).  While watering, my cell phone rings and it is my mom, asking if I am picking her up for her doctor appointment.  *Doink*!!  Luckily, I was right there in town anyway and could go with her to her appointment.  Looking like a drowned rat I might add, but still, This Time I didn’t miss out because of my memory.  Well at least I remembered that I was forgetting something. 🙂

I am going to resist starting a fire this morning, but it is cold and drizzly here.  Tomorrow is supposed to be the one nice day this week.  I really need to stop listening to the weather man.  It seems the more technology they get, the more wrong they are at predicting.

Added Later……I just remembered something. 😉  As I said before, I really need to write everything down.  The problem with that is, will I remember to keep a calendar with me?  After I write it, will I remember to look at the calendar?  Well I have a solution to both.  Are you reading this LL?  A smart phone!  I always keep my cell phone with me so Max can always talk to me if necessary.  If I had one of those nifty phones that you can talk into, and have it programmed to automatically alert me, all the world’s problems would be solved.  Everyone of them.  Because Lord knows when I am tossing and turning every night, I am thinking up ways to solve world hunger, ways to do away with the corrupt,do nothing congress, (both parties), and ways to solve climate change, wars, and most important, ways to keep my house clean. 🙂  By morning, all my brilliant ideas are lost in the fog that masks as my memory.  I know we decided that even though we can afford the phone, the increased monthly charges are not worth having a smart phone, but now I realize we are doing an injustice to Man-kind.  What do you think, LL?


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